Just a couple shoddy pictures my shoddy sister shoddy shottttt while gettin' our Christmas Eve jaaaam on at my mom's. Oh, and a couple random close ups to book end this devastatingly sad excuse of an outfit post. BUT, I AM wearing a whole bunch of my current favorite items. My overly-over sized red beanie, (that my older sister immediately dubbed the garden gnome beanie inbetween bursts of laughter the moment I placed it on my head AKA needed to make it mine foeva) my Salvation Army fringey knit vest, my Volcom denim jacket and layered black dress, AND my creeeperssss! These photos really don't do my new shoes or this amazing Volcom dress (let alone the entire outfit) any justice, but I promise a more proper outfit post verrry soooon.

As for now, I am home sick from work for my second day in a row. Although it's nice to have a bit of a break; it's not so nice to spend it immobilized in bed, buried in kleenex, feeling like your head may explode at any given moment, and sounding a bit like one of those ladies who chain smoke and own 55 cats and a couple dozen exotic birds. Fun stuff.
Oh well, time for photo editing, Netflix, and an endless cup of peppermint tea.



  1. Sad outfit post? I love it! Could be my insane bias for creepers; can't get enough of them. I love your layering in this photo; I've been having to learn to layer recently since it's incredibly cold and I don't think I own a legitimate jacket...
    Definitely didn't disappoint (as if you ever could) :)

  2. You and your sister look so much alike! Also, you are the perfect woman, as always.

  3. u look absolutely beautiful and cool

    kiss dear

  4. Hey, I just came across your blog and I love it, your style is rad, and your content is honest and relaxed.
    I wish I could find a way to turn off the music, I love Lana del ray, but ive been reading your blog for an hour now and heard the song on each page, soo, about 20 times. Ahhh!!
    I'm going to follow you on blog lovin.

  5. Amazing photos, you look fantastic!

  6. i love the close-up shots! happy new year love!

  7. you guys look amazeballs and that paint job is everything!


  8. I love the hat, gnomie and all.

  9. Sea? is this your room????? I love it, You look So cool with your new piercing....

  10. catarina-
    thank you so much!!

    you are so sweet! I've been experimenting with layering as well, it's so much fun to play around with!

    you're amazing. thank you ladyyyy <3

    thank you so much pretty lady!

    thanks so much for your kind words and for following! As far as the music goes, I'm working on getting a more visible playlist on the blog, but for now if you just scroll down to the bottom of the page you can turn the music off.

    thank you very much!!

    always good to hear from you! Happy New Year to you too !

    Bespoke Biddie-
    Thank youu!! (:

    me tooo(: the gnomier the betterrr

    no it's actually my mom's room! And thank youuu (: I'm still getting used to it, but I like it so far <3

  11. re: ahh thank you!! I've actually recommended YOUR blog (and style!) a few days ago, hehe.

  12. You have such beautiful eyes dear! & I love the layers!


  13. Perfect photos! Gorgeous <3

  14. I don't think this is a shoddy outfit at all! Love it!

    xo jennifer