The other night I dreamt that I was walking through a field, a vibrant green field scattered with towering trees that seemed to twist and reach into the sky. The dream was so real, and I felt like I was floating across the grass, gravitating towards a specific place. I came across a tree with thick winding roots, like something out of a grim fairytale, and something shiny caught my eye amongst the dirt and overgrowth. I bent down and realized it was a tiny silver locket, and as I started to dig it out I noticed more of them; countless little lockets like the ones from my childhood diaries, in all shapes and sizes. I dug my hands beneath the earth and filled my arms with as many as I could carry, and I was filled with happiness, a warmth spread through me like a wild fire- and then I was awake.
I have always been one to search for meaning within my dreams, I'm so fascinated by the science behind them. I'm still curious as to what symbolism that dream held
& what I was meant to take from it...

p.s. check out Katie's (of Fashion Clocked) recent post,
she featured me in her 'what makes me tick' post for January,
 and I couldn't be more grateful- Thanks again love ! xx

(photos via loversinvain, littleplastichorses, unknown(s))


  1. hey beauty! another adorable post, and seriously like you i have the most vivid dreams, and always searching for the meanings, or writing them down... your dream sounds incredible! My pleasure to link you i am sure i will be doing again with all your inspiration. I am quite poor right now but the white dress is so divine!Katie.xx
    fahsion clocked

  2. These pictures are so cool!! xxxx

  3. so beautiful, you are a great writer too!


  4. That first picture is AMAZING! I love wearing way too much jewelry on my wrists and fingers at once. Great pics!


  5. this is such a gorgeous blog and i love your writing -- its really beautiful :) i always wonder about the meanings of dreams as well! i am definitely following you xo

    hope you'll visit too!


  6. woaa that dream sounds intense, and beautiful...