Thanks to Sonya of The Swirl and Swing, I've been nominated for The Stylish Blogger Award! I was a little hesitant to follow through with the conditions involved in pursuing the award (only because I'm up against so many amazing and talented bloggers and it's a bit intimidating!), but then I thought-why not! It's a great opportunity to share a few things about myself regardless of what comes of it, and such an honor just to be nominated alone.

So here are seven things I am supposed to share about myself:

1. Literature & creative writing is a huge passion of mine-which along with my love of fashion is what led me to begin a blog. I thought it would be the perfect way to share my inspiration and love I find within the power of words and imagery with others. Whether it be a book, poetry, lyrics to a song, or anything else that expresses ones inner feelings in something you can read or hear; I have always been so moved by literature and the way you can connect to the feelings embedded in the script.

2.Creating is something I believe is imperative for everyone to take upon themselves, regardless of the form that you choose to express yourself through. To create something that is tangible, & using your imagination to make something you can see or feel is such an amazing way to feel more connected to yourself. It really allows you to expand your mind and gives you limitless options in what you can achieve. I've always loved to paint, draw, & make jewelery and clothing, and I believe everyone should try to make something that is all their own at least once.

3. Yoga and swimming are my two favorite physical activities. They are both great ways to relieve tension and stress, and I've gotten through multiple injuries on my own with both forms of exercise. I've always lived near the ocean so swimming has been second nature for me since I can remember. Over the summer I had horrible back pain due to muscle spasms and a slipped disk; rather than going through a tedious physical therapy regiment, I opted to start heading to the pool everyday. Through underwater exercise as well as swimming laps I was able to overcome the majority of the pain. I am also an extreme over-analyzer which has led to many bouts of stress and anxiety over the years; through the breathing techniques and comfort I found within Yoga I have been able to get a much better control over that as well.

4. I have always been obsessed with photography and the idea of capturing a single moment, a freeze frame of such a small piece of time. Through a photo a memory becomes so much more significant, and it never really dies or fades away. I've taken countless photos over the years, and looking back on them always brings a smile to my face. A picture can evoke so much emotion and inspiration-which is another thing I loveee (as many of you know) to share on my blog!

5. I loveee movies, I love watching a story be brought to life before my eyes. I find myself becoming connected to each character and immersing myself within whatever adventure, loss, happiness, or fear that they are going through. Just as I love a good book, a movie brings realness to a life or recollection that otherwise may have gone untold. I have seen countless films, and I never find myself restless or impatient (unless the actors are completely terrible) for a movie to end, it's usually the opposite. I've always though that being an actor would be such an amazing career, but being the somewhat awkward and shy person I am-being a spectator is just fine for me. One day I would love to take up movie critiquing as a side job just for fun.

6. Vintage shopping and thrifting is one of my absolute favorrrite things to do. I love finding hidden treasures and altering old or used pieces and making them more modern. Nowadays, it's pretty much impossible to go to the mall or a boutique and find something completely unique. Going to a thrift or vintage store is the perfect way to save money AND find an item that (most likely) noone else will have. I'd have to say 75% of my wardrobe is made up of pre-loved goodies. My love of vintage clothing is also what has led me to begin my online boutique, though it's taken much longer to get started than I would have liked, it will be up & running soon enough and I can't wait to share all of my vintage gems (along with some originals made by me!) with all of you!

7. Laughing and taking the time to appreciate the small moments is something I feel we all tend to take for granted. I do my very best to be present in each moment & to make the most of it, we all let life pass us by too easily and it's such a waste of all that could be made of it. Anything and everything is within our grasp, it's just a matter of how much we want it & are all willing to work for it. & I really do believe that laughter is the best medicine, with all the sadness and darkness in our world it's important to find the light and hold on to it. People get so caught up in what's wrong and what they don't have; but the more you laugh and smile, the more positive energy you are sending out into the world-and chances are it will make it's way back to you.

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  1. Congratulations beauty and how stunning are you in that blue dress= wow! Loved reading all your 7 things. Sounding like me with the swimming, yoga, creating, drawing, painting, laughter! I will thank you on my blog..maybe ill tie it in with the blog feature post im thinking of!Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  2. You're lovely! I think we'd get along just fine. X

  3. Thankk youu loves! & that would be amazing Katie!
    Sonya- I think we would as well (: