Just pull me down hard, and drown me in love

Just a few random photos taken with my good old Pentax, we've been reunited after years of separation and I am so excited to start taking countless photos to share in posts. I'd forgotten how much I love the look of pictures taken on film, there's just something about them that you cannot replicate with a digital camera. These photos are nothing special, just a random grouping to practice & get re-adjusted. I'm posting from Lulu's house today, it's a gloomy day blanketed in grey skies-but I actually kind of enjoy this weather. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, some mellow music, and the dull light pouring through the over-sized window in Lu's room. We've been having a great time & I will have plenty of photos and stories to follow!



  1. wow cannot believe i havent found your blog before, these pictures are lovely :) you have great style. I'm going to go trawl through your archives now :)

    The Flower Girl



  2. yes they are special - these are awesome! film is the way forward x

  3. love the vintage like filter on your photography. . amazing.
    secondly, come on get higher is the perfect title!
    can't wait to see your next posts


  4. i love them all, but especially the fifth. the necklaces are so casually draped.. all your pictures have a hazy glow and a dreamy quality. again, much love, sea! <3