L!k3 w@y ch!LL br0

(wearing: Volcom utility jacket, vintage crop top stolen from my mom, vintage Ralph Lauren maxi skirt, Volcom beanie, F21 necklaces, Deena & Ozzy boots, Electric limited edition sunglasses)

So this is probably my favorite outfit I've posted to date. It's pretty much everything I love compiled into one *comfort-friendly-slap-happy look. I mean, I am a true blue child of the 90's (children of 1990 uniteeeee) and if I could, I'd probably dress head to toe in a combination of grunge-goth-Angela Chase (and if you don't understand that last reference then you are officially SHUNNED...jk I forgive you). Aaaaand how freaking amazing are these sunglasses?! When my friend pointed them out to me while recently shopping at Volcom HQ, I heard angels singing and saw bright lights, and nearly collapsed to the floor in a dramatic moment to top all soap operas and E! reality shows alike. They're like the perfect combination of Kurt Cobain and Jackie O, are they not? Oh, and words cannot describe how attached I've become to this Volcom jacket. I think I have worn it literally every day for the past few weeks, I mean..uhhh..


*so recently my friend Neg and I have come to the conclusion that our life motto should be COMFORT OVER EVERYTHING since the sad and honest to goodness reality is we spend the majority of our time in sweats and hoodies. GlAmOrOuS~*~* hey, atleast we aren't in denial about it, and it just makes the times we do dress up all the more fun. And 'slap happy?' you may ask..well, my sister Danaan has a serious habit of expressing her emotions-whether that be extreme anger or happiness- by smacking/slapping whoever is in close vicinity to her. There in lies slappity happity, and a new phrase for me to repeat until I drive everyone around me mad. Muahahaha.


  1. This is uber cool !!
    Love this blog, Im now a follower :)
    which type of camera do you use dear?

    Feel free to check out my blog too:

    Erika xxx

  2. Those sunglasses are beyond incredible, quite literally. You definitely like freaking amazing here.

  3. Best outfit to date, seriously, yes. And your hair? God. You had me at bun pigtails.

  4. Your pictures are always such great quality! And I adore your hair <3


  5. u look amazin:)

    love that top with the maxi skirt


    11 days left for x-mas! xx

  6. Come back to Facebook faerie, I miss your Presence


  7. THE perfect outfit that a 90s child should wear. let the union begin. p.s. it is decided: im growing my hair just so i can do those knots.