it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life


I'd like to live and to feel and to hurt
I'd like to struggle to succeed to fail
I'd like to laugh and cry and dance among trees
I'd like to run through open fields and sing to the full moon
I'd like to dream in colors so rich they sting the senses
I'd like to wake up to the open air, soothing and calm
I'd like to drink in the beauty of the setting sun
I'd like the stars to whisper to me the secrets of the universe
but most of all
I'd like to marvel in knowing we need nor know a single thing
I'd like to simply exist, embracing the unknown, eternally sound and content

                                                             Happy NYE! See you next year..


poem by me
photos via tumblr


  1. The first, and second-to-last photo are beautiful.
    Happy new year!


  2. Beautiful words as always! Happy new year's eve!

  3. Sea,
    I really appreciate and respect your poem-
    Hope all is well! Happy New Year >^..^<

  4. and I'm feeeelin gooOod ;) happy new year sea! xo


  5. great inspiration. have a great new year!

  6. Thats a really great poem and I love the pictures you shared.

  7. did you right that?...cause it's dreamy... it reminds me of something I've said for years and now I'm not so sure if I was right...
    I used to say I'd wish to fall in love for the first time, even for once.. experience that feeling of being in love, letting someone become part of my existence and reason for living, feel the agony and pain and wonder it comes with.. at least to prove I have a heart, 'cause I've lived for 25 years and never had that... until now.. and I just got my heart broken terribly and now I no longer know who I am... it's an unbelievable pain every day.. was it worth it? ..