Just some outtakes of an outfit post... that is coming soon to a blog near youuu! lol?
Okay, I'm way too sleep deprived to even attempt 'funny' at the moment, so just let that one slide- k guyzz?

I've been writing again lately. I hadn't felt the urge to run and grab (one of my many) journals and let my thoughts flow to paper in longer than I'd like to admit; but over the past few weeks there has been many a night I've found myself waking up with the need to write down the words being tossed about in my head. Hopefully I can share some of that on the blog soon, but most of it is extremely personal. It's always felt somewhat strange and uncomfortably exposing to share my poetry and songs with anyone but myself. To open up the door to criticism and judgement. Anyone who writes knows the feeling I'm talking about.

Life is weird. That's the eye opening and oh so profound conclusion I've come to. It's strange to see how one tiny decision can lead to such a shift in one's life; to change and opportunity. I've always been a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and the more I observe around me, the more that belief holds true. Something I've realized is that everything & anything we want is there to be taken; it's just a matter of opening your eyes and wanting it enough to make it happen. Expecting or wishing for your dreams & hopes to come true is almost ignorant, because it's already there to be had as long as you're willing to work for it. K, I'm getting a little too deep for my own good.

OH, and that last shot is a rarity, let me tell ya. Not only am I reeeeaaally smiling, but it's a two for one snaggle dosage. Snaggle ear & snaggle tooth. LOL. (if you've followed my blog for long enough, you already know that I have been blessed with the gift of elfen ears as well as an uncanny laziness that led me to completely forgo braces and rather EMbrace my somewhat cockeyed grin). Hey, a little self deprecation is good for us every now and then. I'm not that little girl that was painfully self conscious and teased relentlessly, only to go home and wonder why I couldn't have the 'perfect smile' and 'perfect clothes' and 'perfect body' that all the 'popular' (most of which would turn out to be fuggin teen moms & drug fiends anyways) girls had anymore. Over time, my oddities have actually kind of grown on me. And I sure as hell wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't gone through all the experiences-good & bad-that molded me into this neurotic, overly emotional, strong willed, weirdo I've become. Cheers to the weirdies in the world! Without us, this planet would be one boring and bitter place.



  1. You are insanly beautiful, and i love your elf look, i would say more "fairie" if you must, you and your siser. Your comment made me happy because i feel the same way about the kindred, and it makes me appreciate the web in a different way than i did before, almost feels universal. I like your writing i want to see more of it.


  2. when i saw you actually SMILING in a photo here, i did not even notice your teeth. i love that they are not perfectly straight. in fact, i always wanted my canines to stick out a little like yours do (a little like patricia arquette, whose teeth i would LOVE to have). and that last paragraph made me laugh - so friggin true. i was never the "pretty girl" in high school, but the ones who were are all now married and fat. your confidence, humor and all-around-weirdness is extremely endearing. and YOU are very very gorgeous. like whoa! ;)


  3. Oh my gosh, your smile is seriously so beautiful! You look like Bijou Phillips in that last photo. GORGEOUS. And your lipstick is rad.