'that's just because you're a scorpio'

(wearing: thrifed/diy crop, thrifted pants, vintage necklace and belt, Jeffrey Campbell Munsters)

introducinngggg; the world's most awkward crotch-ed pants ever! and guess what.. dgaf dudes. But seriously, akwardness and all, these are probably one of my most favorite pairs of pants ever. And the fact that they cost me 2 bucks at Salvation Army makes em even cooler. SO, I was having a little chat with my guy today and he was giving me a few helpful bits of advice. One of which was that I should cut back a bit on the amount of photos I post, and make the ones I do post display a bit more versatility. After thinking it over, I think he's pretty much tot-uh-lee right. I mean, I have tried to cut back on the amount of repetitive photos I post but a girl is indecisive n shiut. All excuses and nonsense aside, my goal has always been and always should be to post really good GREAT content that catches the eye of like minded creative people and maybe (hopefully) inspires them in some way. SO, my goal going forward with this lil blog of mine is going to be to streamline a bit. I want to make a new header (which is ridiculously over-do) and have better quality posts with less 'filler' photos. I also want to start doing a lot more visual diary posts, cause in all honesty they're a lot more interesting than a bunch of photos of little old me. Well that is enough rambling for meow.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Baby girl... Those pants are ILL. Whatever you post is amazing, can't wait to see the blog makeover.

    xx Jacqueline

  2. But like your blog is perfection? :O
    No but this sounds good, I love your visual diaries! But I also love (LOVE) your outfits, so keep them up ya?
    Anywho, lovely look. You pants are EPIC and your hair is just *drooooooool* :D
    The Lovelorn

  3. your blog can ooonly get better, even though it's amazing as it is.
    and, you look gorgeous. <3

  4. you have crazy good style! and your hair is perfection <3 x

  5. I love those pants, they go so well with your hair. I'm also in desperate need to change my header, but I'm too lazy, haha.


  6. Your hair is stunning.


  7. You never fail to impress me with your awesome sense of style! Everything about this outfit is perfect- I especially love your shoes and necklace! xxx

  8. your hair is AMAZING
    and i cannot get enough of your blog