A lil photo diary from a spur of the moment trip up the coast from a few months back. This particular day involved lots of sambazon energy drinks, interesting encounters with Venice crazies, the smell of weed hanging in the air, watching little hooligans and hobos skate (and wipe out), disappointing celeb sightings, almost eating shit an innumerable amount of times traipsing through the sand in my ridic platforms, disgustingly delicious fried food, making friends with a colorful music man and fellow scorpio on the Santa Monica pier, hairs in faces, ferris wheel rides, and the most beautiful sunset on the drive home.

As I have stated an annoying amount of times, I AM SO BEHIND IN POSTING PICTURES IT'S EMBARRASSING. and it's driving me mad. SO, I've decided I am going to start posting some more recent photos and play catch up with the oldies inbetween. So I apologize in advance for the confusion that is sure to ensue once every other post pictures a completely different hair color. But whatevz. Variety is the spice of life?




  1. Those shoes are incredible!

    Your making me nostalgic about my trip last year to Cali. I am defo gonna have to go back soon! xx


  2. you look so am amazing (and I've said that like a hundred times now, I know haha)

  3. what a beautiful mermaid!
    love the print of the pants

  4. nice pictures dear kisses..:)