(wearing: vintage Led Zeppelin tee, DIY high/low thrifted skirt, vintage boots, vintage/diy/f21 jewelery)

I really love confusing people with my appearance, if you haven't caught on to that already. This week, I felt like unleashing my inner 90's grunge-ified harajuku girl. This new wig obsession/collection in the making is taking over my life. 

Like I was saying yesterday, this is an exciting week for me.
BECAUSE: a. I turn twenty one (in two days), b. my week is full of fun adventures and festivities, and c. I'm finally getting my license.

I'd like to tell you all a story about a girl. This 'girl' looked forward to her sixteenth birthday for the entirety of her childhood, because as most do, she associated it with getting her driver's license. Along the way to reaching this most long awaited mile stone, life happened. After a highschool experience scattered with stressful and life changing events, parental refusal due to declining ambition and suffering grades, and injury after horrible injury- that excitement had severely faded.

When I had reached nineteen and still didn't have a license, people started bringing it up more and questioning me about why I didn't have it; and 'how could you possibly not have it by now?' and 'why the hell not?!' and 'are you just too lazy?' and so on and so forth. They always seemed so disapproving and looked at me as if I must not have a care in the world or a thought in my mind. The truth is that as time had passed, I began to slowly be overcome with worry and nervousness about going through with the test. I really believe the worry stemmed from fear of failure and what others would think of me because of it. I realized I would never push myself to go through with it, unless I was doing it for the right reason. For me. Over the Summer, I set a goal for myself. To get my license by my twenty first birthday. My mom set the exam appointment for the 25th of October, and suddenly in what seemed like a blink of the eye, the day had arrived. I am happy to say that I passed the test (even though they ask the most ridiculous and pointless questions-none of which were on any of the practice tests!) and I can officially drive LEGALLY! (with my temporary permit). Now, my nerves about the 'driving with a real life instructor' portion need to be pushed to the back of my mind until next week so I can enjoy my Birthday week and celebrate how amazing life is. It's not so much the 'turning twenty one' that I'm excited about, it's more the fact that this year feels different. This year feels like I'm welcoming a new page in my life, and I have a feeling it's going to be the best one yet.


p.s. sorry for babbling, but I just wanted to share this with you loves!
all my readers mean so, so much to me.



  2. amazinnnnnnn shoot

    am in love with u:)

    everythin s so special here!

  3. absolutely love the fact you're wearing this purple wig with that led zeppelin tee. LOVE the third photo!

  4. you look so much like olivia wilde here - maybe its the purple hair ? :/

    i appreciate your DIY skirt and rocking Led Zep. my favorite band of all time. love this.

  5. i did the exact same thing regarding the driver's license and people asked me the exact same questions. as if my life was worth less because i didn't have a driver's license. so silly. but then i got one, bought a car and still take the bus/metro. go figure. the purple wig suits you, madame. your eyes are stunning.

  6. I'm 21 too and still haven't driver license:/ Congrats!

  7. oh i love your hair like this and this skirt is so chic!