(wearing: DIY crop tank, vintage knit skirt, F21 necklace, H&M booties, thrifted sweater)

No, it is not an optical illusion or your mind playing tricks on you; my ends are (an extremely faded) green and my roots are breworange (brown-red-orange?). or were for that matter. These photos were taken a couple of weeks a go (shows you how behind in posting I ammmmm-damn that ever dedicated procrastinator in me) and lately I seem to have hair issues. I've been dying my hair rather compulsively lately, which has been a huge 360 from not doing a damn thing with my hair for almost a year. What can I say, when you're in search of the perfect color but you're not quite sure yet what that color is, what better way to find it than a little experimetation? So don't be confused by my continually changing hairss for a while. OH, and I dyed my ends with a DIY kool-aid paste (got the idea from the beautiful Madeline's blog: Jean Greige) which I had hoped would result in purple tips, but instead left me with murky greenish blue. Next time, I plan on mixing red kool-aid with the purple.
Just call me rainbow locks. Yes, that was almost too cheesy-even for ME.
And don't think you've escaped the wrath of my wig obsession either.
Brace yourselves for a wild wiggy rideeeee.



  1. your hair screams lovely rainbow. Just beautiful! love that skirt! Ok, the whole outfit. nice shots. peace


  2. you are just wonderful with this awesome skirt! you hair are gorgeous!

  3. thank you so muchhh!!!! thats such a nice thing to say! i am in love with this skirt,where on earth did you find it its outta this world xx

  4. Oh my word you look amazing! I know I say this evvvvery time I comment on your blog but seriously your hair is fascinating. It looks great with the coloured ends too, reminds me of a mermaid. Love the whole look xxx

  5. u look amazin!

    love that look!

  6. can we talk about how hot you are?

  7. Omg, this skirt is amazing. Too bad it's vintage and I can't find it anywhere :-(

  8. I love this, awesome skiiirt!!!


  9. Loving the color blocking: from the ombre to the nails and mini!