visual diary

entry three 

for now the cup is full
it's quiet and it's cause for closeness
no in a moment, no whats up next
just here and now, forget the rest

the water line is rising
there's so much to be had
it's you and it's me, no thing in between
forever can wait,
no time stamp no date

it's pouring over edges
though no edges do exist
no thought no time no worries
no what could have been to miss


p.s. check out my second post on Volcomunity HERE!


  1. Lovely pictures & the words are beautiful!...x

  2. the pictures are lovely :)
    you have such an amazing blog!

  3. Pictures are always amazing on your blog.

  4. That shrimp salad looks too yummy! Where is that from?!

  5. Frocktasia- Thank you ! That's so nice to hear, it's just a silly little poem I scribbled down one night (:

    Kathy- Thank you sooo much! <3

    Rouli- Always good getting comments from you (: thank youuu!

    My blood is burning- gahh thank you so much. You have nooo idea how much that means to hear <3

    Dani- it was delicious! From Eat Chow in Costa Mesa- everything they serve is amazinggg