full outfit post to follow..

The past couple weeks have been a constant struggle between the adventurer in me, and the downright unsociable netflix nerd who'd rather stow away in her room journaling than collect herself and leave the house. One word; WORK. Not gonna lie, it feels great to have a job out of the house that keeps me busy and motivated. BUT, it has been a huge adjustment going from spending the majority of my time plotting plans for the (long awaited, on my behalf) launch of Sea of Style, photo shoots, and blogging to working six days a week and barely having a moment to take photos; let alone editing them, posting them, planning photo shoots, stocking up on S.O.S. vintage merch...you get the idea. Anywayz. The past few days have been an acception to all prior ramblings I suppose, being that I actually found the time to take quite a few pictures.  Now getting around to posting them will be another feat in itself. Thank gahhhd I have tomorrow off!

Aside from lots of black clothing, early mornings, and menu memorization; here are a few things that have been prevalent in my life lately:

-WORKAHOLICS FOR DAYS. let's get weiiiiirrrrdddddddddddd !~*!*~
-sugar cookies and chocolate ice cream..and pumpkin bars and pies.. and lots of  baggy layers to hide the evidence
-getting way too excited for Christmas
-planning the renovation of my room-FINALLY (getting overwhelmed just thinking about it)
-boba coffee, boba coffee, boba coffee
-90's jamz and peanut butter pretzel binges

exciting, no!?!??!



  1. Wauw your outfit is so amazing!! I love your blouse! xoxo

  2. that top is rad! the pattern is sooo cool.


  3. I am in love with your hair!


  4. Ummm...I'm kind of obsessed with your top. It's so perfect! Love it!