Beer, sunsets, candy necklaces, and family. Dreamy.

Yes, these pictures are pretty old (which you can probably tell due to the lack of blue-ness in my hair-ness). Just playin' catch up as usual, damnnn procrastination! I promise to have lots more to share in the coming week. My life seems to have become a great adventure over night, and I am loving every moment of it. Making lots of plans for travel and change, embracing new beginnings and fresh starts.

Any big changes going on in your life?
If so, what are they and how are you handling them?


  1. These pictures have me totally longing for warm weather, as if I weren't already. You look adorable as ever, too.

  2. Who is this girl I keep seeing in your pictures!? She's gorgeous!! Does she have a blog?

  3. love the pink shorts with the pink nails! I also really like the vibe of these pictures, relaxed and silly and beautiful, just as summer should be :)

  4. Love the candy jewelry, giving me flashbacks of my childhood haha. And i'm starting a brand new school in a new town after the summer, definitely a good change coming.

  5. i love how you are drinking german oktoberfest beer...i'm a huge fan of yours and i'm from munich :)