(wearing: vintage denim jacket, sister's hoodie, thrifted crop tank, plaid skirt c/o SwayChic
poison ring c/o Vanessa Mooney, turquoise bracelet and ring from my boyfriend's mom)

Been back in San Clemente with my family since Christmas Eve and the holidays have been perfect. Lots of catching up and late night karaoke with my sisters, family get togethers (feasts*), being goofy and dancing around the living room with our dogs, hot chocolate and reading by the fire, too much pizza, and tons of sweets. I have a big visual diary of my cross country road trip in the works, should be up in a few days or so. The only downside to being home is that I'm missing my boyfriend madly-and going through the pictures of our trip and being in Michigan together only makes me miss him even more. Can't wait to see his handsome face again.

On another note, I came home to a package with this perfect skirt from SwayChic-and I have been wearing it nonstop. I just swap t shirts every couple days or so. that makes it acceptable right?


**side note-my post title is actually stolen from my dad. he was the pipe major in a bag pipe band when I was growing up and they had a bunch of t shirts and sweatshirts that said 'plaid to the bone' with a skeleton playing the bagpipes. I'll post a photo soon cause it's even more awesome than it sounds.**


  1. This is basically the skirt I hope to find while thrifting.. I wonder if SwayChic ship to the UK?!

    And your dad didn't keep his sweatshirt? Sad!

  2. I have never seen a full length plaid skirt. Sweet.
    Furthermore, I am so in love with the shades of blue.

    Breakfast After 10

  3. Your hair is literally increeeddible! Love you blog, following :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  4. I'm glad you had an awesome time with your family grrl. Family time is da best. So is that skirt. Srsly like I am all over plaid right now so this outfit ROCKS ^_^