the way these photos look is pretty much the way I feel on the inside lately. here and there and kind of hazy. I've neglected my blog again caught up in the rhythm of life, but I've realized when that starts to happen, I just kind of have to let go and accept it. I have been trying to get settled back into life at home (in san clemente). I still have lots to take care of, everything I own is still across the country, but I am enjoying every moment and trying to be as present as possible. the days have been long and warm, I drive down to the beach nearly every morning and evening, and I've been so happy to be spending time with my family & animals again.
I have so many things & places I want to experience over the next year, and I have been finding that I've become obsessed with documenting everything again. I can feel that things are going to fall into place just as they're meant to, and in the mean time, I am just enjoying each day and each breath.


  1. Multiple exposure pictures always look so good. Good luck with all the things you have planned.


  2. beautiful photos!