Emilie de Ravin

LoveLoveee her!
Of course many people know her as Claire from Lost or for her more recent part in Remember Me opposite the much adored Robert Pattinson; but she also did an amazing job as Emily in Brick pictured above (the heroin addicted ex-girlfriend of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character Brendan Frye). If you haven't seen Brick for yourself yet, I most definitely recommend it! It's a movie full of mystery and plot twists that constantly keeps you guessing, and you can't help but feel for poor Brendan's heart wrenching torment and constant struggle to put the pieces together. As well as being an amazing movie with a great cast and plot; it was also filmed here in my home town and many scenes were even shot at my high school.
Watch it and let me know what you think!


photo credit, google images

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  1. you look so much like her!
    I adore you blog, your style is amazing, I want all of your clothes!
    And your hair is beautiful!

    much love, Nell x