you got your head in the clouds, you're not at all what you seem

    Well, once again the true procrastinator within me has reared it's ugly head (wow, did I really just use that phrase? oh well..just go with it), and I'm pathetically behind in sharing my film photos. They have been building up for the past couple of weeks, so be expecting quite a few photo filled posts within the next few days. These are all from a sun soaked day full of errands and randomness (think tree climbing=FAIL-see scuffed knee photo-I actually KNEED the tree trunk..what happened to my tarzan-ian skills of the good ole days? , and sneaking into a private lot full of flowers overlooking the ocean=FAIL part deux-picture two nervous girls clumsily hopping back over a spider web covered fence as a cop car pulls up to the stop sign infront of said private lot)
Good times people !


post title: Fiona Apple 'Sleep To Dream' lyrics


  1. Very pretty photos, I love all the colors

  2. love these photos, perfect rings and skirt!


  3. another set of awesome photos!