on a real note,

I had somewhat of a wake up call the day before yesterday..so to speak. Though I haven't elaborated much about it here (which is something I'm working to change!), I am a huge advocate for any and all efforts towards saving our planet before it's too late. Saving it from becoming a shell of a world, wasted away and lifeless, and run by people consumed with greed and materialism. For the most part, I like for my blog to be a place full of positivity and inspiration so I try to avoid any topics that are too controversial. However, every now and then there comes an issue that you're passionate enough about to want to share with others. I know it's quite ironic and rather hypocritical, being that I myself am guilty of buying (much more than necessary) and indulging in things that are of no real substance or importance. The problem is, we all are. We are products of our environment, and it's unfortunate that society today has become obsessed with the idea of 'having it all', always wanting 'more', never satisfied, always ignorant. I've tried to cut back drastically on my wastefulness (turning the water off while brushing my teeth, always turning lights off, not leaving appliances plugged in, etc.) and do my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet; but I could still try harder to be mindful of the repercussions of my careless habits.

On Monday my sister and I watched a movie that was recommended to me on my Netflix queue. I was extremely sceptical when first reading the title, 2012: Time for Change, but was curious to learn more after reading the small description. After it was over, I felt so inspired to make positive change in whatever small way possible (more about that later..) that I wanted everyone else to feel the same way. I didn't agree with every single opinion expressed in the movie, but the over all message is what stuck. We need to reconnect with nature and stop living these self destructive and unacceptable lifestyles, because even if it may not seem like it now; what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. We only have one planet, and it's home to each and every one of us. If that's not worth fighting for, than I don't know what is.

(I promise it's not another apocolyptic-attempt-to-scare-and-fill-with-paranoia themed piece of crap)



  1. truly inspiring words. i completely agree with you. there's been a couple of times where i've post on my blog about 2012 and caring about the world in general but it's such a controversial topic that sometimes it causes so much negativity. but what you've written here is so inspiring. i shall have to investigate this movie xxx

  2. love that dress dear!


  3. apart from the fact that i truly agree with what you have written - you hair is stunning...wow!

  4. so gorgeous. & I love what you've written. <3

  5. This is so true! I always think about how wasteful constant clothing consumption is. That's why buying vintage and thrift is so wonderful -- it bridges the gap between idealism and realism.