this is stupid, oh welp

A stupid, stupid post of stupid, stupid webcam pictures (showcasing my extremely messy room-yayyyz).
I'm tellin ya, having access to a webcam when boredom comes a callin is a very dangerous thing. Buuuut, I thought I could take some pictures (crappy ones at that) of my new tattoos and my favorite skirt..and of course a braided stache!

My sister, best friend, and I all got infinity symbols on our pinkies (sisterhood of the pinky promiseeee) as well as the words 'wild hearts can't be broken' in my own hand writing. Now, I wanted to delve a little deeper into the meaning behind this tattoo so I can avoid ridiculous assumptions about the reasoning behind my decision to get such a saying permanently placed on my body. It is not meant to be taken for face value, and no, it does not mean "SCREW LOVE - SINGLE FO EVAAA, WHERE MAH INDEPENDENT LADIEZ AT?!". Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken was actually my favorite movie growing up. I was so fascinated with the wardrobe, the story line, but above all the main character; Sonora, and how grounded and self assured she was. How she never gave up on her dreams or lost faith in what she could accomplish despite how discouraging life and people can be, and regardless of the adversities that arise on the road to reaching your goals. I remember being about eight years old, and watching the movie with a heart wrenching hope that I would never grow up-that I would never lose my childlike wonder and faith in what and who I could be. Deep thoughts for an eight year old, yes. It's a very sad reality that as we get older, we feel the pressure to let go of many of our childhood dreams and we lose touch with our creativity and imagination; we lose touch with ourselves. To sum this drag on of a paragraph up; my favorite line (and message) of the entire movie is "I found my destiny, not in far off places, but within myself".

Words to live by my friends.


say buhbye to the blue locks!
stay tuned for a new venture in the crazy hair chronicles


  1. I've never seen that movie but it sounds like it's very personal to you. I love the pinkie tattoo too and I've only just seen your note at the bottom about changing your hair - can't wait to see!

  2. Love your tattoos and the storys behind them!
    And your hair is still sooo awesome!


  3. I know that movie! I loved it too :) it looks amazing, tattoos with an important meaning are the best kind.

  4. so beautifullll

    love u:)

  5. Beautiful words.


  6. cant wait to see the new haiR!!!
    you look awesome


  7. I love these photos, your tattoos are amazing! xx

  8. WOW!!!! Such a great quote! I have not seen that movie before, but now I want to! I really like the meaning of your tattoo.

    And your blog is soooo fabulous! I'm already a big fan of you on LB and now... YOUR BLOG!! x

  9. So pretty! Just amazing. As hell!

    PS. We've a giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC!


  10. That's such an awesome line from that movie! Perfect.

  11. oh my god i die for this entire look, i want to cry so bad for not thinking of it, it looks so good.
    and so 90s which I'm bossed with.
    gotta put cropped sleeveless turtleneck on my shopping list now!!

  12. I loved that movie when I was little too! We had taped it off of tv onto a VHS and I was so upset when my little sister accidentally taped over it.