can you whisper

(wearing: lace top c/o Sugarlips, thrifted skirt and belt, Aldo shoes) 

My obsession with this Sugarlips top has reached a scary level...literally been wearing it everywhere with everything. I am really weird about my dressing habits. I will wear some items once and then forget all about them for months, and then there are some things that I will live in day after day to the point of my family asking me why I haven't changed my outfit for the past week..I mean uh..heh heh heh.

So most of you know that I am quite the homebody. For the most part; I like to hangout at home, laugh at my own jokes, binge on pizza, and be a weirdo on the reg. But lately, my friends have been convincing me to leave my little bubble and go out..which means being forced to socialize and being reminded again and again how many fuggin freaks infest the world we live in. I'm really not much of a drinker either, so when my friends feed me shot after shot of tequila things get weird reeeaaaaal fast. My relationship with hard alcohol is offfffficially over after a particularly strange outing earlier this week. I'm really considering bringing disposable cameras with me every time I go out (to document and share the weirdness) from now on..

OH, and while we are on the subject of weird- have you guys heard of plenty of fish? Well if you haven't, let me introduce you to the best thing that will ever happen to you. It is literrrally a buffet of cheese. Since my friend convinced me to create a profile (for no reason other than to be entertained by the ridiculousness that is a dating site chalk full of dudes who all seem to think they are the hottest thing since velcro...and none of them are even slightly normal) I have spent my nights literally crying, CRYING, from laughing so hard. Facebook pales in comparison to the entertainment that is POF.



  1. Stunning look. Very cool.

  2. I hope you didn't title this 'can you whisper' because me and Madeline were yelling at your last post. I was just really excited, I'm sorry!
    Haha jaykay. Looking stunning per usual. Those sleeves on that blouse are puuurrrfect.

    1. hahahahaha what a funnyyy coincidence, no I rather enjoyed your yelling commentsss, just some good ol' song lyrics(:

  3. really bohooooo

    so beautiful!

    happy sunday

  4. HAH! one of my friends has a profile on plenty of fish and we have spent HOURS laughing at the guys that hit her up.

    As usual, looking at your blog is making me yell at my hair to grow faster and turn purple. since its not reacting, perhaps i'll try a nicer approach.

    1. oh my gAHd it is seriously endlessly entertaining in a creepy kind of wayyyy

      and thank youuuuu, maybe try singing it some lullabys instead? x

  5. Hahahaha, POF sounds hilarious! Loving the contrast of your (INSANELY beautiful) purple hair and that pretty pastel yellow. xx

    1. oh it IS hilarious. BEYOND hilarious actuallyyyy. and thank you so much<3

  6. lolol!! POF sounds pretty silly.
    I am the same being sort of home body-ish... last night I was out late and now all I want is to nap all day... -_-
    You have such wonderful style!! This is a nice outfiiiit!! I like your earrings especially! the stars!! <3

    1. hahahah it is the silliestt!! I am the same way, whenever I go out I need atleast two full days of recuperation to get back to my normal grandma self.
      and thank you so much!! means a lot coming from youuu you amazing creative beautyyyy <3

  7. hot as usual!!

  8. your hair against that top is magnificent!

  9. I genuinely think I've seen a commercial somewhere for POF, those websites creeep me out, sounds hilarious. And you really should get a disposable camera like you said, your nights out sound interesting haha

    1. hahahah it creeps me out but in the funniest way possiblee. I have problemz. And I think I just might!


  10. Bleugh, i feel sick at how AMAZING you are!!! your comment made ME feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! <3 you are beautiful and your hair is INSANE, I need it :'(

    Very jealous of your trip to Vegas too, the photos are sooo cooool! my boyfriend went there in Jan, it looks freaking amazing, I think we're going next year for my 21st birthday so you HAVE to tell me all the cool vintage places to go to!! You're soooo lucky you can just drive there!

    This outfit is beautiful, I think you can wear ANYTHING with your hair because it just makes the outfit!

    love Lucy

  11. Lovely hair!!

  12. this skirt is beautiful ! love your hair

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  15. omg your hair is BEYOND fabulous! love your blog girl! xx,
    The Golden Girls