it's not fun to be so blind

working on a lengthy post, but for the moment, this.

The first time I heard this song was in Brit's car on a drive back from a magical day at the beach. The moment it came on was a very painful and emotional moment, and it seemed to be speaking to me. I've been strangely obsessed with it ever since. Each time I listen to it, I'm immediately covered in goosebumps and feel as if I am on the verge of tears. It's like a beautiful spiritual experience, every time.

"And I do not fear the light
And I do not stray from love as my guide
And I'm at peace inside
And all the pieces are fine
They dance and sing in unity"



  1. woah, this song is amazing I can't believe I've never heard them before, definitely going to check them out so THANK YOU!

  2. AHHHH this was the spinning song!!!

  3. i had the exact same reaction the first time i heard it, i'll never forget that moment. so incredibly happy that you had the same reaction... how are we the same person? I LOVE YOU.

  4. You're beautiful, have a good birthday weekend love.