(wearing: mom's vintage crop top, thrifted diy cut offs, vintage belt, vintage shoes borrowed from Rachel AGAIN)

well hello world.
been busy as all heck and way too scatter brained to post anything special.
so a boring awkward uninspired outfit post will have to suffice for now.
these were taken the day of Larissa's birthday, which was so amazing and wonderful and great. Selena, Isabel, and Larissa kind of cajoled me into taking outfit photos since all of them were and *against my better judgement* I agreed. I don't like looking at pictures of myself lately...maybe that's why I've been bloggin less? WHO KNOWS. not gonna go there right now though cause I'll start rambling like crazy and then things will get even more awkward than usual. I mean...look at my arms? what does one do with their arms to avoid looking awkward? if you know, please share, cause apparently I haven't figured it out yet. have the day off todayyy so I'm going on a thrift adventure with Enaia. SO EXCITED. It's been far too long. welp I am cracked out on caffeine so I'm gonna go eat some bread..I love bread.



  1. omg i never know what to do with my arms in photos. or onstage. i just kind of...leave them there.

    and i love how you borrowed those shoes from rachel. and that you babes all hang out. idk? just livin' vicariously through you guys, w/e.

    (ps that shirt seriously rocks like woah)

  2. your. so. perfect. lvoe everything abou tthis outfit!



  3. i always do the same thing with my arms in photos lol. handz in pocketz. handz on head. wutevz. and i don't think this post is boring or awkward at all. <3


  4. lol i always grab my fingers, exhibit A: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9GJ0-OyqlLg/UGzYLrz5NuI/AAAAAAAADaQ/UJ5UDoU6kfU/s1600/IMG_0293.jpg

    i am so awkward.
    you dont look awkward actually. like i know you probably feel like you look weird but you dont.
    YA KNOW!?

  5. YES. i love this outfit. i love you. i need to go eat pumpkin fucking ice cream with you. let's hang out. i miss you. and food. i miss your food. and you. but i also miss your food. i am excited for ur birfday and i hope u like what i'm working on for as ur gift!! also, need to set a fucking date for my lookbook shoot with you, rachel, selena, and jessi. sometime in mid-late october.. u look fokin' beautiful bb. to answer Isabel's infinite question: Rachel's (preiviously Isabel's) shoes are LIFE. bam.

  6. Love the belt, and love you!

  7. love it. was funny i reposted one of these pix before i read what you wrote. so obviously i love it. xo miss you

  8. cute outfit, wish we could wear stuff like this in england, you just made me really want some bread...


  9. every time i look on your blog you just become cooler & cooler. xxx

  10. I'm so hooked up with your blog, and I don't thik that I would ever get unhooked