photos from Dolls Kill's instagram
SOooOOO this past weekend I got back from a short trip home to California. Not only did I get to spend some much needed time with my family (both human and furry) and best friends, but I also had the amazing opportunity to shoot with a couple of my favorite companies- one of which was Dolls Kill...probably my favorite online shop ever. My sister, two of my closest friends and I drove to San Francisco and back IN A DAY. Not our brightest idea ever but it was an adventure nonetheless and getting to work with the people over at Dolls Kill made it well worth the journey.
It reeeeaaallly sucked leaving my family and friends, but coming home to my boyfriend and our dog baby just as the leaves started to change color was so nice. This is my first time experiencing a REAL fall season, and I love everything about it MINUS the mother effin cold weather. It snowed yesterday for about five minutes and I could have cried; but there are so many awesome haunted houses and corn mazes here, it's Halloween heaven.


  1. I love Dolls Kill so much! Just wish I could afford to shop there every day haha x

  2. dying..and what are those amazing shoes! *.*

  3. i saw you on their website.. and you are pretty perfect for it!!