wake up

life has been a blur of places, sounds and thoughts lately. I've been caught up in the motion of it all and feel as if my tethers are coming a bit loose. I have so many dreams and desires that wake me from my sleep. my inner voice, usually so strong, has been diminished to a whisper. I feel far away from everything I know, and that makes it harder. I like the challenge. I like forcing myself into an uncomfortable place so that I may grow and learn. but what comes next? most things feel like a temporary distraction from the bigger picture, but it's like I'm looking too closely to see things for what they really are. loving someone changes you, both for the good and bad. it's the good moments that I cling to. I feel as if my entire life is on the other side of this locked door, my hands are full of a thousand keys, and I'm trying to find the one that fits. for now, I'm just peeking through the key hole, hoping the search won't wear me away before I get the chance to experience it all.

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