Of all the churning random hearts under the sun

At times I find myself lost and overwhelmed by the hurt and the pain and confusion that consumes this world we live in. Day to day I question my ability to stand my ground and watch as good things turn to ashes and drift away with the wind. To stand up and fight against the evil that perils this earth is a heavy task to weigh down any one person's heart; but it is up to us all to stand together as one and push through the suffering and the anguish. Those of us who are sensitive as I am, our emotions run through us with as a limitless force, pushing out and at times through the walls of our exterior. We feel things deep within us; words, ideas, stories, experiences can cause an ebbing of pain, love, anger, anxiety, confusion, or happiness that manifests itself and pulses through our being to the utmost extent. It is important to embrace this part of ourselves, as many people do the opposite and push it away. It is this genuine connection to our heart, mind, and soul that is so rare for us to hold on to. To go through life without feeling, without the highs and the lows, the struggles and the moments of sheer content; what would we be left with after all is said and done?

These days I find myself yearning to be one with nature, to lose myself in a dark and magical forest. To lay beneath a bed of stars with the sounds and breeze of the night enveloping your every sense until you drift away and dream that your are dancing through the milky way and drifting through space. It truly is such a beautiful thing to dream, to think that we experience something so unexplainable and limitless each and every new day is something we tend to overlook. To remember to think of each blessing and opportunity 'tomorrow' holds is something I hope we all strive towards; if we all made the effort to have a positive and uplifting outlook on life, just imagine what the world could become.

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