With a fire in my bones and the sweet taste of kerosene

Shredded dress made by me, accessories gifted & F21, booties F21

  More photos from the recent shoot I did for my website; there's been so much to do lately and my heads been such a mess. I've been having a hard time getting all the many ideas and thoughts in my mind sorted in their proper places and actually following through is another huge task in itself, being the extreme procrastinator I am. I think my procrastination actually stems more from fear of the outcome and being let down rather than a lack of motivation itself. I just seem to find myself constantly a mix with what I want to do and how I'm going to do it. I mean, aside from the fact that getting the site running and all the details sorted has been such a larger task than I'd ever imagined, the fact that I'm so impatient and constantly hoping things will just work themselves out so I can get things moving is constantly nagging at me. All stresses and worries aside though, it's extremely exciting to watch an idea and goal of yours materialize itself before your eyes and become something palpable. I can't wait for all of the relief and new excitement to be had that's sure to come along with my new and hopefully *fingers crossed* successful business venture.

  In other news, I've been enjoying spending my free time thinking up and making different styles of tops to sell, pondering over what color to dye my hair, and working on a relationship with the guy that always puts a smile on my face and never ceases to entertain with his care free spirit and witty sense of humor. I'm learning all relationships have their rough patches and it's all about what you take from them and how you can better not only your bond together but yourself from them that matters. I've been seeing quite a few movies again lately, which is always one of my favorite things to do (if you didn't know I'm a HUGE movie freak already- now you do). Most recently I saw The American with George Clooney, and let me put this lightly - it was AWFUL. I mean, not to say George isn't a great actor, but the story line and the build up and confusion that ended up leading to nothing and such an anti-climatic ending was such a let down; but hey- that's just myy opinion. However, I'm highly anticipating seeing Resident Evil 3D tomorrow for date night; call me a dork but I'm a huge fan of all the movies.

  On a side note, my shoe obsession is getting a litttttleeee out of hand. Being that I don't quite have the funds to feed my ever growing need for new foot candy, it isn't the best habit to have at the moment. I'll put up some photos of my most recent purchases soon. I'm also absolutely thrilled over the current transition into Fall. Though it's still quite warm and sunny out here in So Cal; the crispness and chill in the air is starting to come around and I can hardly wait for all the holidays, events (including my 20th birthday, woohoo two decades!), weather, and dress code the next few months are sure to bring about. Oh, and not to mention all the Season Premieres of some great shows! I mean seriously- The Office, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Medium and the new highly anticipated HBO series Boardwalk Empire...the list goes on and on-I'll definitely be putting the DVR to good use to say the least.

  Hope everyones' back to school/work schedules have gone smoothly and all is well! Let me know what your favorite part of the Fall season is, I'd love to hear.


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