"I'll be here and you'll be there, and we'll be long distance, cause I'm crazy about you"

Just a few movie stills to give you a little taste of the new Drew Barrymore and Justin Long romcom Going The Distance. I'm always anticipating seeing any movie with Drew, and after many trailer viewings (and not to mention the fact she was acting opposite her on/off again boyfriend Justin) I couldn't wait to see this hilarious and witty instant classic. The movie was amazing, with so many laugh out loud moments, heartfelt & memorable quotes, such a natural and unforced chemistry between Drew's Erin and Justin's Garrett, and such great dialogue and story line- it was above and beyond the typical Romantic Comedy. Erin was such a great female character, so sarcastic, smart and funny- miles from the typical girl portrayed in movies; and her wardrobe was adorable! So eclectic and quirky, there were definitely a number of her outfits I was swooning over. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good laugh, and it's a perfect date flick as well because it ended up being surprisingly guy friendly; there was not a guy in the audience who didn't laugh uncontrollably at one scene or another. If any of you have seen it or plan on seeing it, let me know what you think!



  1. just did a post on her too! LOVE her, saw the movie last night and loved every second!


  2. God I know, she's just the best! And the movie was so hilarious, I'm now internally rooting for Justin and Drew in real life because I loved them so much in the movie hahaha !