The weather here these past couple days has been amazing, bright blue skies and endless sunshine. I'm loving every minute of it, and it only makes me lust for Summer that much more. If I could, I would live in jean shorts and t-shirts; it's definitely my warm-weather outfit staple. The Jimi Hendrix tee I bought from the men's section of Old Navy a couple of years ago (surprisingly enough..usually go there STRICTLY for their 3$ flip flops) and the denim high waisted shorts are vintage Liz Claiborne (I'm currently working on studding the pockets). Today has been spent running errands with my mom, finishing a few S.O.S. orders, and heading to the pool with my sister Danaan at attempt to get some color..I'm embaressingly pale at the moment. I hope the weather stays like this, at least for a while longer so that I can soak it all up...maybe go for a picnic at the park, get some ice cream down town and watch the sunset, grab some coffee at the harbor and collect shells along the beach (and of course take photos of every bit of it so that I may share my adventures on here). Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Whether it's sunny, over-cast, or raining cats and dogs where you are-make the most of it,
life is beautiful and it is what you make of it!



  1. I don't think you could have captured my last two days more perfectly.. First of all, diggin' the Hendrix shirt, and Old Navy?! Woah, didn't see that coming.
    Second, your legs look FABULOUS in those shorts and I only wish I could pull them off as well as you. I'd loooove to see them studded!
    I was definitely contemplating skipping my last class yesterday to walk to the beach.. but ended up tanning on my roof. But the fact that the weather is allowing us to do so is wonnnnderful.

    Lastly, "life is beautiful and it is what you make of it!" is EXACTLY what I've been saying these past couple days. This kiddo I dated last summer randomly started talking to me this week and he has changed/grown so much, or at least it seems like it. He claims to have had an epiphany about life and is focused on clearing all doubt & negativity from his mind to be happy and not worry about situations, but rather go with the flow. And I kept helping him along and ah, it was just a really cool convo.

    Wow, now that I've given you my life story.. Ha, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and soak up as much sun as I do!

    x chelsea

  2. you are so beautiful!! I love your long hair!kiss from Prague

  3. - want your hair so bad

  4. - yours is much longer!

  5. God your hair is so gorgeous. I'm trying to grow it out but it seems almost useless... the amount of dye I dump into it probably doesn't help. Tips?

  6. i'm so jealous of your beauty, sea.. i hope S.O.S. is going good. and i'm very in love with the shorts.