(wearing: sister's thrifted tee, F21 magenta jeans, F21 lace-up sandals,
Max Studio scarf/wrap from boyfriend, misc. accessories)

  Unfortunately, that beautiful sunny weather I described on Friday didn't last til Saturday-woke up to grey/stormy skies, but was ready to make the most of the day none-the-less. My sisters and I headed over to Salvation Army for half off day, and thankfully so, because I came across one of my most prized thrift store finds to date! (I will share in a post tomorrow!) I spent the remainder of the day finishing up some orders and then heading out to see Insidious with my boyfriend (against my better judgement...I get reeeall creeped out watching scary movies in theaters), which actually turned out to be better than I had expected. Drank an entire king size blue-raspberry slushee in one sitting..never a good idea.

Today has been busy but beautiful (the sun came out to play again yipppeee)
and I have lots of pictures to share tomorrow!



  1. I love those pants!! And I can't wait to see your thrift find. I found something amazing at Goodwill on Sunday for the first time in awhile... it's a great feeling.

  2. nice post, lovely outfit!

  3. you're beautiful! love those jeans, the color is awesome. and so is your hat :)


  4. those skinnys are adorable! love this outfit, effortless and cool :)