I'd like to tell you what I saw

(wearing: thifted men's tank, lace tap shorts via Nastygal, Steve Madden wedges, misc. accessories)

  I know I know; picture overload-but I wasn't lying when I said I had a lot of catching up to do/photos to share! These were taken while enjoying an unusually warm night outside at Lulu's (see her here) house. Don't mind my awkward one-legged poses, I was still in an air cast at the time (and let me tell YOU, boy does it feel ridiculous trying to look cute and posing for pictures in that beast-thank god I'm out of it!). Oh, and I dyed my hair a week or so a go, don't know if you can see much of a difference (made my roots more of a golden color)-but I'm happy with it! Monday just happpensss to be one of my favorite nights of the week thanks to my friends Gossip Girl, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, and (hate to admit it but..) The Bad Girls Club. Bring on the cat fights and the drama-filled ridiculousness, WOOOO! Happy Monday loves!



  1. Those shorts are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    I love love love US of Tara, did you watch Shameless?
    And I was actually gonna ask about your hair! I adore the color and am getting mine redone next week but not sure if I want to get a partial weave and have my roots sooooper blonde. So this may be kind of a broad/hard question to answer, but how'd you get your hair like that?!

    xx chelsea

  2. Oh giiiiiirl, I'm in love with those shorts. Gimme. And your shirt is awesome too.