darlin, forever is a long long time


On my mind:

   I feel like I want to move forward more quickly than time will allow. I feel like everything I want to accomplish is just around the corner, just a few steps away; but at times it seems like life plays tricks on you. It's always one step ahead. I'm usually one to see the positive in every situation, and I'm going to continue to do that whether I drive myself crazy or not. I know it's the only way of getting where I want to be.
   My love gets home today. He's been away on a fishing trip in Mexico with some family. I've missed him so much it hurts, feels like a piece of me has been missing as cheesy as that may sound. The time wasn't as bad as the distance between us. It makes hours feel like days, and days feel like an eternity. I feel like I will cherish him, and our time together that much more once he's home again.
   Today was a beautiful day, tainted only by my trip to the orthopedic surgeon. Some of you may remember me mentioning I've had a serious ankle injury that has been (unsuccessfully) healing for months. Turns out I'm most likely going to need surgery to correct it-and being that surgery ranks as one of my biggest fears, I was less than amped over the news. It seems like in life, hurtles are thrown in front of you when acceleration starts picking up, most of the time when you're least expecting it. Like when you've finally overcome something difficult or finally adjusted to changes. It's all about how you look at it and how much you let it phase you; I'm doing my best to ignore the little bumps scattered along my path and to just enjoy the beauty all around me.."the bigger picture". I'm sounding too corny for my own good right now, but a lot of the time the corniest lines and the most cliche sayings are some of the most applicable to life.


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  1. i'm really happy you get to see your love :) it's hard being separated from someone you really care about. i hope your ankle gets better too!

  2. I really love this post. It can be so annoying how life will randomly throw things atcha'. So sorry about the surgery, it used to be my biggest fear as well, but I've had three so far, and they were not bad at all.

    Have a great weekend!