(wearing: vintage DIY bustier, vintage DIY cut offs, H&M booties, fringe wrap brand unknown)

  Hair preview part twooo. These were taken on a perfect Summer evening spent with good friends being goofballs and enjoying the warm July skies. We took a little impromptu trip to Laguna Beach to check out the Sawdust Festival, and with my ankle still causing me some serious problems, I decided to borrow my Grandpa's wheelchair for the night to give my weary bones a rest. (see last photo. I know you like my googley eyes..HAHA) Please don't judge me for posting a bathroom mirror picture. I wanted to give a better view of my outfit, and when you don't have your very own personal photog at your disposal 24/7 sometimes you have to make do with less creative set ups. The suede rust colored bustier was actually from a vintage ankle length onesie, and after months of sitting at the back of my closet, I decided to cut it apart. So happy I did too-it's definitely one of my new favorite pieces.

As stated in my last post, Lulu dyed my hair a little darker last night, and I'm so happy with it!
I'll be sharing pictures soon! It's always fun to switch things up a bit.

What would you do to your hair if you were to take a leap and make a big change? Please share!



  1. i really love that bustier. i'd probably give myself a pixie cut, but it's never gonna happen cause i like my mermaid hair

  2. love the fringe shawl! so ideal!