(wearing: Kill City dress and harness, vintage shoes borrowed from Rachel who got them from Isabel **sisterhoodofthetravelingshoes**)

what is lifeeeeeeeeeeee. I am so sorry for disappearing yet again. but lots of amazing stuff has been taking place people. As I've already mentioned, I am now living with Brit (and Enaia) in a magical house full of music and animals and love. I'm working LOTS (enter unsaid period of time in which I drop off the face of the blogger world) and pretty much doing my best to adjust. Change is beautiful and exciting but it takes time to accept and get into a new routine. Thankfully I am surrounded by a group of amazing people who do nothing but uplift and inspire me on a daily basis so consider me BEYOND LUCKY.

I'm sure many of you read Brit's recent post BULL here (and if you haven't you better get on that MEOW)..let's just say things got REAL. No joke, I would try to elaborate on the night and the experience itself but I would only sound like a babbling idiot and wouldn't even come close to expressing the unreal out of body magical SELF INDUCED PSYCHEDELIC experience we both had, at the exact same moment. everything that has been occurring in my life lately points to the fact that I am exactly where I should be, and all these experiences and people are coming into my life for a reason. I'm growing so much and becoming so aware of myself; intune with my mind and spirit. Music and meditation does wonders.

ALSO, how amazing is this dress/harness combo?! I had the amazing opportunity to model for a new lookbook for the Cult division of Lip Service with my amazingly talented friends Brit (stylist) and Kali (makeup artist) alongside Gryphon and it was literally a dream come true. Brit, Madeline, and I also had the opportunity to style a few Kill City and Lip Service pieces for blog posts (see Brit's here & here and Madeline's here & here) and I am officially in love with EVERYTHING they make. I cannot wait til the lookbook comes out and I get to share the photos!

OKAY, SO. the moral of the story (babble) is that I am going to do my very best to post AS OFTEN as possible. I might sound like a crazy person most of the time cause I have so much going on in my mind it's nearly impossible to articulate any of it properly, but I really want to keep this blog updated and dedicate more time to it again. I really do miss it. Thanks for being so patient with my laziness. It's just become more and more important to me that the content I post is good content, and not just bs filler nonsense. As for now, I am relaxing in my room with two pups and a little chicken kitty hiding from the heat because I started fainting while walking to the bus stop to get to work AKA impromptu day off. which will be spent doing absolutely nothing.



  1. Can't agree more about adjusting to a change. LOVE this harness, especially with the dress. Killer look.

    xx lauren

  2. So glad that things are going well with you! Even though change can be hard, its always best to have a positive outlook like you do. And that's the best feeling; feeling like you're doing what you're meant to be doing.
    Also this outfit is perfect.
    I wish the best for you!

  3. there are no words for how much i love you.

  4. how perfect are you?!?
    this is amazinggfgggggghhh.

  5. meow your psychedelic life sounds psychedelic and awesome. like that dress. holy jeezus it's a harness and a dress. all at once. i don't even know what I'm saying anymore, but you're cool. the end.

  6. dude, Gryphon is like an amazing sexy alien. so excited to see how the shoot came out!

  7. stop being a goddess

    that's the moral of my story. ps i luv u

  8. miss you ladygrrl! and your amazing light that exudes out of you! you look gorgeous as ever! love it all! xoxox

  9. perfectionnnnnnnn :D

    rebecca x

  10. you're always so incredibile!

  11. Gorgeous GORGEOUS pictures!


  12. you are so cool!

    Hey, you're welcome to got check my blog out. it's about my life in South Korea.


  13. Far out I love reading your posts. It's like being in your head.
    Is that creepy??????
    Creepy I am, but oh my god I love how all you cool people are being cool together. It's destiny

    The Lovelorn

  14. That harness is amazing. You look stunning. Love your hair here, too.

    <3 Melissa