(wearing: vintage 70's black bell sleeve dress, amethyst stone necklace made by me, MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick, F21 cross earrings, misc. accessories )

   As I shared a couple posts back, my boyfriend Gil and I had a special occasion to celebrate this past weekend; which just happened to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...our three year anniversary! It's still somewhat strange to think of how long we've been by eachother's sides. The road has been long and winding, and there's been many obstacles along the way, but it's all been so worth it. I can honestly say I am a completely different person than I was the day I met him (as is he); we have both learned and grown so much as individuals as well as a whole. He's made me a better person, and I truly don't know where I'd be at this moment if he hadn't come into my life. When it comes to our personalities, we have many differences AND similarities. We're both extremely stubborn and opinionated (which leads to our fair share of debates heh heh); but we are also both very family oriented, driven, spiritual, adventurous, creative, cheesy (: , movie-obsessed, and so on (you get the picture). I tend to be a little more wrapped up in my head, always over thinking/over analyzing-while he is more easy going and laid back; so we definitely balance eachother out in that sense. Oh, and another thing about Gil- he's always making me laugh, even when I'm upset, and that is one of my favorite traits in a person.

   So, for our anniversary we had a little weekend get-away planned, but unfortunately with our busy schedules we had to put our trip off for a week or two. PLAN B. We headed over to one of our favorite places to eat; The Vintage Steak House. Located at the Capistrano Depot in San Juan where there's always live music and trains passing right outside the windows, it's always a fun place to grab dinner. The food is another thing entirely; it is AMAZING. So amazing, infact, that for the first time we both ordered identical appetizers (yes, we had to get our own..it's that good) and dinner entrees. We started off with the Six Spice Seared Ahi with Avocado Tataki-my absolute favvvvorite-and then had the Mesquite Chicken Breast for dinner (which came with asparagus, cream corn cake, and delicious seasoned mashed potatoes)..not to mention the countless baskets of bread we scarfed down. The service is always great, the food's perfect, and the location is unlike any other-you really can't go wrong! We then grabbed the White Chocolate Mousse with berries in a cookie shell to-go (YUM) and headed over to the movies to see Limitless-FINALLYYYY! I've heard both good and bad things about the movie-but in my humble opinion-it was freakinnn awesommmeee (yes, I just went there). I would go on about how well I thought it was filmed and how good the story line was-but I've done enough rambling for one post. All I can say is-go see it for yourself! The next day, we decided to do something out of the 'norm'; so we headed down to the harbor and rented a Sea-Doo. It was the most fun I've had in quiteee a while, but pretty scary too-picture girl with injured ankle clutching to her boyfriend for dear life while they fly over waves going full speed and dangling off the back-all the while laughing hysterically even though she's being whipped around like a rag doll and can't see through all the mascara (water proof my ASS) and salt water in her eyes. Detailed image enough for ya? I just loled at the thought of it (please don't unfollow me because I just used the term 'loled'..it's a bad habit).

   Well I don't think I could posssssibly ramble on any further, but I just wanted to share a little bit about this part of who I am with you all. I've been a bit hesitant to share details about my relationship and other personal aspects of my life, but I want my followers to get to know me better-and this is definitely a huge part of what makes me 'me'. (I <3 you followers!) But anywhoooo, I have many more photos to share so be expecting lots of posts to come! OH, and happyy 4-20, yaw mawwwnnn. I think yew do mawn. (If you don't watch The Office, you won't get that last part..or my sense of humor for that matter).


all photos taken with my HTC Inspire


  1. adore the blog posts as always! ps, i forgot to mention. . . i am still dreaming over your lace bells! [ pants ] ( a few posts below). . . I NEED A PAIR!



  2. congratulations! sounds like you had fun!
    beautiful outfit! I looove that necklace! will you be making+selling some?! ;)

  3. omg!:) i love your hair and necklace <3 :)

  4. Thank you loves! & Yesss I will be making more necklaces and selling them! Let me know if you're interested my dearryy xx

  5. lovely post! these photos are beautiful.

    how did you make it! >>> DIY post? ;)

    (its a work in progress!)

  7. that dress is amazing. i want to eat that food. and your and your dude are soooo cute. and congrats on your anniversary. and last, i hope you have a goooooood weekend! gorgeous girl!

    ashley <3