SUN day

(wearing: S.O.S. Original shredded top/dress-e-mail me @seaofstyle@yahoo.com for pricing/info- 99 cent store sunnies, thrifted hand dyed lace flares, Lulu's vintage Halston belt, 
vintage Nine West flatform wedge, stylish air cast* ;)

  Spent Sunday enjoying the bright blue skies and catching up with friends at the Pre-Coachella shopping event @ G. Marie boutique in Laguna Beach. It was so beautiful out, and so much fun hanging out with all the lovely ladies I rarely get to see. I got to display some new S.O.S. styles (see photo 7) that just happen to be perrrrfect for Coachella or any music festival, and just Summer in general! (e-mail me for info!) As promised yesterday, I'm wearing my most prized thrift-store-find in the above photos..in all their glory-the perfffect lace flares! They were an awful shade of blinding 'Christmas' red, so I dyed them, and they turned out to be the perfect shade of deep burgundy. I'm beyond excited/obsessed. I mean, after a year of lusting over Free People and American Gold's array of amazing lace flares (but not having the guts to throw down over 100 bones on a pair) I come across these beauties at Salvation Army for a mere TWO BUCKS. Unreal, right? Being a cheap-skate pays people. (thanks mom, for instilling your bargain-hunting ways in me) 

Anywhoooo, my mind's a mess at the moment..conflicted, confused-the usual dilemmas of a stress-prone over-thinker. So, I'm off to the pool with my sister at an attempt to relax (and to get some much needed color) before running errands and posssibly taking off on a little adventure...we shall seeee!



  1. these are gorgeous!! i love your outfit!

  2. Oh my god, those flares are perfect. You did a phenomenal job dying them. Yeah, the lace dress I got for $10 makes me glad that I didn't shell out like $300 for the Nightcap black lace one I badly wanted. Sometimes you really are able to score great stuff for nothing... which is why we thrift.

  3. sun, shredded shirts, lambic, dreamcatchers... looks like a good day to me!! i'd hang out with you girls any time! and yes.....get the asos hat...you wont regret it! i am definitely buying another color....or two :/ and thank you for the kind words, as always, you are badass.

    ashley <3


  4. sun and shredding-perfect,
    your hair is amazing! xx