(wearing: all vintage)

   Spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon catching up with an old friend. Lauren and I have definitely watched eachother grow up, and it's crazy to see how much we've both changed. She's such an amazing person, and has such a calming and comforting way about her. No matter how long we go without talking or seeing eachother, it's always like we're picking up right where we left off when we finally reunite. It was a perfect day, and we talked and enjoyed the sunshine over sparkling almond wine with strawberries and a bounty of Trader Joe's goodies. Summertime picnics are something I look forward to all year- throw in seeing one of my oldest and dearly missed friends and I'm one happy camper. Yes, I just used the term 'happy camper'. I can never pass up an opportunity to let me cheesy flag fly...and now I'm on a rolllllll. I think I must still be half asleep, so I better wrap this up before I go on rambling and scare off all of my amazing readers for good! I need a coffee, stat.


(post title: Death Cab For Cutie- Summer Skin lyrics)


  1. Beautiful outfit! I love your hair!

  2. sdglkhsdglshg you're perfect

  3. This post is so sweet. Though I may not always comment, I always enjoy your posts thoroughly, whether you're giving us a peek into your life, your outfits, or your inspirations.

    It's so nice to follow a local OC girl whose style I totally admire. :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

    P.S. Favorite death cab song!

  4. nice photos, loving the dress!

  5. Sounds like the perfect day! Love the BW picture of you!