I have an MRI today. ew. So for now, I'm distracting myself with Intervention and sweet tea.

I'd really love to get more feedback from you guys. Many of you stop by and leave me sweet comments, and that means more to me than you know. But I feel like some of you may hold back. I'd love to learn about you all. Hear your interests and dislikes, your triumphs and defeats, your adventures and bad days. Lay it all on me! I love building connections with people through my blog-especially since I'd never even get the chance to know who most of you are without it.
I would also love to hear what you like and don't like about my blog & posts.
 What do you want to see more and less of? Pleassee share!


p.s. If you're having trouble finding where to leave a comment (many people have e-mailed me regarding this issue) just click the date/time link at the bottom of the post OR the post title.


  1. - great picture, love the piercing and your hair, of course

  2. Amazing picture! Just discovered your blog and love it, you look great on every picture! <3 I put your blog in my favorites!


  3. your hair is gorgeousss.


  4. fabulous picture!! love the outfit and your whole look...as usual (:

    annnd, since you asked..I would love to see more of your DIY posts! You wear a lot of things that you, yourself create, and I wanna see more! I have a slight obsession with DIY things ahha.

    oh! and if you did some music posts, like what you're currently listening to or totally stoked about that would be cool...I like discovering new music, ya know?

    I hope your MRI went well! (:

    if you have s split second, stop by my blog and say hello: http://alwayssprout.blogspot.com

  5. oh and I noticed on your blogger profile that we are super close...I am in Huntington Beach (:

    i look forward to my post requests! (; hehe

  6. Couldn't find the "post a comment" button as well. I must say I just discovered your blog and really really liked it! Your whole person is very inspiring! Will definitely be back & fallowing (Not to mention I also love tame impala !!!)

  7. love the corset ! the whole outfit is beautiful, as your hair...

  8. Hello. Thank you for your comment, glad you liked the shirt and heels, which certainly hurt them a lot of feet. I like your blogs much will follow from today. We hope you follow me and so we are in touch with comments and we talked about. a kiss