I'm laying in the park, mid-July sun is casting leafy tree shadows that slowly dance by. Time, usually something I struggle to hold on to as each moment is gone without warning, seems to stand still on days like these. There's bowls of juicy watermelon and cantaloupe strewn across the kitchen counters and sleepy sunburnt sisters strewn across the living room. Fan set to high with all the dogs lined up infront, it's dull spinning lulling them to sleep. Cold ice water with lemon to soothe dry lips and combat the heat. Smiles turn to grins when he comes to visit for a late afternoon lunch. Every bit of me feels lighter, and his hand cradles mind so lovingly as we drive through town to the sound of low music and our own hushed voices in a flurry of conversation. We lay silently in the safety of his familiar room, eyes meeting from time to time and welcoming wide spread smiles and blushing cheeks. I trace patterns on his back with my finger tips as he leaves patterns in my heart that will forever remain.  


photos via tumblr, hardtoexplain, and ilovewildfox