(wearing: vintage kimono jacket with detachable backless crop top, random jeans,
thrifted booties, DIY necklace, H&M hat, F21 fringe satchel)

  Posting these photos is LONNNG overdue. They were taken (weeks a go) before/during a Panic! at The Disco concert we (my mom, my sister Danaan, and I) took my youngest sister Fiona to for a belated Birthday gift. We had such a great time jumping around like fools and singing at the top of our lungs. Oh, and an added source of excitement and surprise was realizing during the first song played by one of the opening acts, Fun., that the lead singer just so happened to be former front man of my highschool obsession: The Format. I felt like an excited kidlet on Christmas morning. Notttt so great: getting elbowed/shoved/trampled by the insane crowd of pre-teen super fans. I actually think my mom got the worst of it; poor woman.

  Hope everyone is having an amazing pre Fourth of July weekend; I've been busy the past two days with starting a new job as a nanny/mother's helper for a family friend and her two girls. They are so sweet and fun, and the fact that my work entails hanging out in the sun and swimming at the beach with them isn't too shabby either. After waring myself out running around with the girls in the heat all day (you tend to forget how much energy you have as a child!) and then stuffing my face with delicious Japanese food from Ichibiris for my sister's Grad dinner; I'm on the verge of simultaneously exploding and passing out on my keyboard. More posts to share tomorrow!


post title: Fun.-The Gambler lyrics


  1. what beautiful photos. i love your outfit... and that hair! so long & lovely!


  2. oooh wow - what a beautiful hair! especially on the 2nd photo :)

  3. omg your hair is so long! beautiful!