Catalina Photo Diary 2

So much going on in this post. Kind of Absolutely ridiculous. And I like it, I like it a lot. Ridiculousness is something I rather appreciate, so be expecting more picture-crazy posts in the future (maybe? what do you guys think? do you enjoy a lot of photos or do you prefer less lengthy posts?). Not even going to tryyyy and break these photos down into details/descriptions/what not (being that I've been on a 3 day spontaneous sleep/nap bender and it's left me rather brain dead. I just can't stop sleeeeping. Whyyy. I think my body is reacting to the end of Summer and rejecting the thought of all the craziness
the next few months hold in store).

So, I'll leave you with a few highlights and fond memories:

The excitement of an early morning adventure and my baby sister's first boat ride
Being out on the ocean, floating on the ocean, diving into the ocean. The water has always felt like home to me.
My Uncle's sarcasm and giggling with my sisters and cousins at the ridiculousness (there's that beloved word againnn) that is our family
Late night whispers of past trips to the island with all of our loved ones and feeling like little kids passing secrets from one bunk to another
Spending time with my mommy and my two sisters, feeling so lucky to have such amazing women in my life who love, support, and inspire me every day
Food, food, ice cream, and more food
Diving deep below the surface and swimming through kelp beds with fish of every color and size
Watching my Ama (Grandma-Mom's mom) watch everyone together, and seeing the happiness in her eyes
Going to the Arcade late at night and having laugh attacks on the 4D ride
Late night T.V. and hysterics with the whole group (Mom, sisters, three cousins, Ama, Aunt Jill, and Uncle Jamie- my mom's side of the family)
Falling asleep under the sun, only to wake up an hour later and take off on another adventure
The feeling of never wanting to leave, never wanting it to end
Late nights and early mornings, and everything in between



  1. I love that theres so many photos the more the better.... some beautiful images and outfits looks like you had a fab time and the place is so pretty :)


  2. love the summer feeling of those pictures..absolutely in love with your outfits and i love your hair!

  3. What an incredible trip! Amazing pictures and I'm so in love with both of your hair xx