After listening to the wild winds and pouring rain this morning, I decided it was time to share some Fall inspiration. To be honest, as much as I love the colder seasons I always find myself really lazy in the style department when it comes to Fall and Winter. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE layering and knits and scarves and boots and everything the cooler weather entails. But when it's colder than a witches tit and my body's covered in goosebumps, I find myself throwing on whatever warmth I can find (usually mismatched and crinkled from a pile on the floor) and don't think twice about what I look like. Well no more my friends. As I already promised (not only to you guys, but to myself as well) I am going to be more consistent in sharing outfit posts-SO-staying true to my word is a great motivation to ACTUALLY give a damn about my appearance in these colder months...AKA not live in sweats, no makeup, a messy bun atop my head, and worn out slippers. And yes, I realize I probably sound like a whimpering idiot complaining about the 'cold' living in Southern California and all-but I am an absolute BABY when it comes to being cold (I usually tote a blanket around with me at all times in the months of October-February).

  As for today, my sisters and I are headed out for some thrifting and coffee.
Probably heading over to my mom's house later for some home cooked dinner and redbox movies.
Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!



  1. All these pictures are great, I especially love the one with the flowing red skirt. And I totally feel the same way; when it's so cold it's hard to resist a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt but we HAVE to be strong; we owe it to all the fashionistas out there :D! Anyway, I'm definitely going to join you in your resolution as it will make my blog better AND keep me looking at least presentable at school!



  2. great pictures, very inspiring


  3. ohh what a beautiful collection of photos.
    makes me want to go shopping and be free.
    love the shot of the fur vest.
    hot hot.



  4. Thanks for the feature. (Please link back to my page)

  5. thanks loversss.

    sarah-it makes me want to shop too! I have issues haha

    kaitlyn- I added a link to your blog love!