partridge in a pear tree

(wearing: thrifted kimono, Mossimo shorts, thrifted drapey tank top from Salvation Army, H&M booties, vintage sunglasses, vintage crochet/fringe bag, vintage jewelery)

Wore this outfit to grab some groceries and go watch movies at my mom's.
Literally threw on an entire outfit of items purchased at different thrift stores that same day.

   Biiiig day tomorrow, and I'm super excited. Will share more about that later cause I'm super distracted at the moment, so much to think about! I'm your classic 'over-thinker' if you haven't caught on to that already. I'm as they say unwindddding *in a cheesy snooty accent* by doing facials with two good friends and watching the Animal Planet special Wrong Turn, The Kati Kim Story. So intense! And up next, Gossip Girl minus commercials thanks to the beauty of DVR. My kinda night!


p.s. oh, and have you put together the mystery of my title? If you havvvee, then yes! It is a cheese-tastic pun due to the fact that there is indeed a partridge in a pear tree on this ridiculously cheap kimono-type-thing I picked up at Salvo a couple weeks back. And I love it. Think I just might go ahead and line the inside with a different patterned material and make it reversible!


  1. Your hair is .. wow ; and I enjoy your sunglasses!

  2. i WANT this whole outfit

  3. umm I love this kimono! I just posted one you would probably like.. you look awesome.


  4. i actually love this look - and that kimono is fab!

  5. oh dear thank you!
    you are perfect i love your hair and style.