Late nights spent reading by candle light, ombre sunsets color the sky, evenings welcoming warm knits, vintage coins stacked in old wooden boxes that smell of pine and memories, road trips and camping beneath towering trees reaching towards an endless stretch of stars, peppermint tea with extra honey to accompany late night journaling, dreams of gypsy dens and Native American magic, neon colors to brighten and break mundanity, the beauty and mystery of underwater sea caves and coral reefs-so vivid and breathtaking, 60's hair and 70's eye makeup to take you back to another time and place, the smell and stillness of an early morning.            So much beauty to be seen.


photos via tumblr & oraclefox


  1. I loove the smell of an early morning, it's so beautiful.
    Bummer about your ankle! Are you in HB? I'm at school in LA so I don't often have time to get down to orange county. But some weekends I manage to get away haha. We can keep in touch through fb if you want to coordinate something? xx

  2. Great pics i want long hair not to plait it like the top pic... Leonardo all young love it very inspirational pics.....yellow nails :)


  3. oh my god, everything about this post is beautiful. The pictures, the writing. ESPECIALLY the writing! :D. You NEVER disappoint!