(wearing: mom's vintage 'catalina' crop top, style biz inc skirt, vintage necklaces and kimono, Aldo wedges)

The weather has been so beautiful this week, I soaked it in and just let go of all the stresses that had been weighing me down and enjoyed the beauty around me. I spent time at the pool, reading in the park, sun bathing at the beach, enjoying great meals with family and friends, and just all around relaxing and mentally escaping. I get frustrated with people who are negative and don't recognize their blessings, but the truth is, we all take so much for granted-myself included. I thought I would do something different and just share a few things that I have been thankful for this past week;

The peacefulness of mornings
The feeling of taking a warm shower after a long day in the sun
Laughing and losing track of time with loved ones
The glorious combination that is coffee+Greek yogurt
The lighting in my kitchen in the middle of the afternoon
Journaling in my dream journal
Cleaning my room and coming across old childhood treasures
Jarritos mandarin soda (guilty pleashha lolzz)
Creating again after a long break; finally making new tops and jewelry
Singing at the top of my lungs with my headphones on
Apple Blossoms from Trader Joe's
My sewing machine aka best Christmas present evs
Sunsets at my favorite lookout



  1. loove the vintage top! and you look amazing as always :)

  2. loving that top!

  3. i love your style, your hair is gorgeous also xx

  4. your hair is incredible! love the crop top. x

  5. Love the skirt and kimono! You're so beautiful, I'm drooling all over your blog.

    xx Jacqueline


  6. Love this post, it's so true,I hate it when people only look at what they don't have instead of what they do have. Great set of rings you have too.

  7. You blog makes me long for summer, even though our Uk summers are pretty shocking! Lovely outfit, if only i had the weather i'd definitely have to be taking inspiration from your outfits, no sucking up here but i actually do love pretty much every outfit you've posted on here, keep it up! x

  8. Dude, your mom is amazing. That shirt is so rad!!!

  9. love your style!!!
    it make me wish for summer, but were I live it's -20C right now...


  10. The fact that you commented on my blog was enough of a shock, to see that you also clicked the "Follow" button nearly knocked me off my chair! I'm a huge fan and definitely, possibly, maybe, more than likely have a weeny bit of a girl crush but don't tell anyone mmmkay?
    Lydian x

  11. I love yuor style and your long blond hair!

  12. this is a lovely list. you are seriously the most amazing dresser.

  13. Holy smokes, you're lookin' smokin' mamacita, lovin' that fishtail skirt on you. Care to share some of that length of your luscious locks ? Much appreciated. xo