What happens when a blogger's boyfriend is stuck in the Sprint store for an unsaid amount of time and she is slowly overcome with boredom? Welllllp, something like this? Self timer ghetto rigged on the driver's side door handle-check. Horrible lighting, and complete lack of mobility/proper outfit angles-check. (and don't you just lovvve the beautiful view of that fllyyy orange hot rod?! heh heh heh) Do not fret my lovely readers, I have not lost my mind entirely; legitimate outfit posts coming soon! But for now...isn't my new vintage gold bangle amaaazzeee?  I'm also wearing an old Target tube dress (that was a favorite of mine as a sophomore in the high school dayz) that has this amazing tribal-esque print on it as a make-shift skirt. I love finding ways to alter old favorites into new and versatile pieces that you can work into your wardrobe all over again.

On another note-YAYYYY, it's Fridaaayyy lovers! (insert line from obnoxious Rebecca Black song here) Hope everyone has a beautiful and relaxing day.



  1. you have really gorgeous hair! amazing!

  2. Haha it's funny what we do when we have to make time pass... But still, I'm loving your shots! You look stunning!