trueblue by seaghna

I've been kinda reeallyy loving the color of these vivid turqouise/blue Lita's for a while now, and wanted to make a few (completely different styles of) outfits that I would wear them with (merely in my dreams, ofcourse). They're all a bit random and messy, but I got overwhelmed on polyvore since it feels like it's been forever since I've made a collage; but overall, I kind of like the weirdness to these outfits, and that they would all be such a different look paired with the Jeffrey's. Integrating bright pops of color-preferably blue or purple-into my outfits has been one of my go-to (and favorite) habits in dressing these past few weeks. Well I'm off to sleep, I'll be dreaming of shoeeeeessssss....


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