tell me what you know about dreamin, dreamin


(walking to the beach, my henna covered hand-done by me, cruising in the golf cart with my love, snow cones-hot weather addiction, on the way home after a long day at the beach, a few Summer time essentials: cocoa butter, Moroccan Oil, Aloe Vera skin cream, staple sunglasses, vitamin E oil, white tea & ginger body spray, on the golf course, wild vines and beautiful flowers, the ocean, a go-to Summer outfit, blossoming tea, preview of an up-coming outfit post)

Today was the ideal, dreamy, perfect Summer day. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are with all we're blessed with in life; and one thing I most definitely take for granted is the beautiful beach town I call home. Today the sun was shining, the sky was cloudless and a vibrant cerulean blue, & the ocean was crystal clear and the perfect cool temperature to combat the heat. One of my favorite things has always been to lay on my back amongst the waves and let the tide ebb and spin around me. Today, with my sisters, sand matted in my hair and scattered across my sea-salty body, staring up at the tall bending Palm trees, listening to the water break on the shore, watching people as they pass wondering where they're headed, reminiscing Summers past spent exploring and beach hopping with my family and falling asleep on the couch by six p.m. with salty hair, sun-scorched lips, and tired eyes. I was reminded, today, of how lucky I am. I was reminded how beautiful life is, and how Summer always seems to serve as a warm and rosy reminder of just that.


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