for sale !

Though it's going to be heart-wrenching to part with, I've decided to sell this vintage kimono/wrap (with giraffe print?!-um, hellz yes) I came across (delightedly) a week or so a go. It seems like I've been repeating myself over and over in saying that 'my website will be up sooooon'- but this time I realllly mean it! I'm working hard on getting it up and running, but until then I will be selling some of my favorite vintage items through my blog! I'll do my best to stay consistent in posting new items-and if you are interested in anything I post, e-mail me at seaofstyle@yahoo.com; items will be sold on a 'first come (e-mail request), first serve' basis.
 Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


If you are interested in purchasing this vintage kimono/wrap, please e-mail me a.s.a.p. !


  1. that is awesomeeee!


  2. I love your bohemian look! I love your round sunnies, and why are you selling that kimono/wrap!? It looks AMAZING on you!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  3. Amazing look!! You are so pretty!