(wearing: H&M 'running wild' cropped top, DIY shorts, vintage Nine West wedges, misc. accessories)

So I've been D.I.Y.-ing like crazyyy lately, and I have so many projects to share with all of you! I picked up these three dollar shorts while thrifting last week, and decided to try my hand at dip dying them. I was actually super excited with how they turned out (awkward headless shots were merely to show a better view of the shortsiess). I cut off the hem, let the bottom half of the shorts soak in purple dye for about thirty minutes, rinsed them, and then soaked a smaller (lower) section of the shorts in bleach for an hour or so. I can't wait to go crazy with DIYing shorts this Summer, & I'm considering selling some so let me know if you would be interested! In other news, my older sister got home from college yesterday to stay for a couple months before she takes off on a whirlwind adventure to Europe! I'm so insanely jealous, but I'm really happy to have her around for a while-and we made a huge feast to welcome her back last night; I think I'm still recovering..(I ate one..okay maybe three too many plates of food). I hope everyone is having an amazing month of June! And to all of my readers/followers: your unbelievably kind words and continuous support mean so much to me, you have no idea. You are all so amazing and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you!



  1. Ahhh so good! I just bought some white vintage Levi's that I have been planning to cut/tye dye purple. But I'm terrified because I am the worst ever at DIY stuff. But yours look so good.

  2. Amazing photos - you have incredible style!! What camera do you use - I love the effects?? <3 xoxo

  3. Gaah thanks Taylor! I'm sure yours will turn out amazing!
    & Lidiya- thank you so much! These photos were actually taken with my phone camera (I have an HTC Inspire) and on some of them I used the vintage effect :)